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What comes to your mind when I say “breaking the monotony”? Things like taking an off from your usual routine, chilling with friends, or going out for a movie?
While such plans sound interesting for a quick rejuvenation but I would suggest you consider traveling the roads you have never been before. Be among new faces, listen to the people speaking in a different language, devour into new cuisines!
A few months back, I was sitting in a café of Gokarna, a coastal village of  India. The waves slowly crashed on the shore, the sea was as silent as it could be and the cafe’s kitchen which was very close to me had no noise coming from it made me wonder if my food was getting prepared or not.

The order was served after an hour and it took me a day to realize that’s how everything and everyone works there;  at their own pace which is as relaxed as a tranquil sea. There was something in the air which made everything and everyone around lazy but this laziness wasn’t dull. I was looking at the sea and it made me wonder how different they are from the one I get to see in Mumbai. They had a different color and on that day they were as calm as they could be. Sure it wasn’t the same every day but the calmness in them was something which I never sensed before. It made me wonder if the way we function to a great extent depends on our surroundings. I just loved the slow-paced life out there.

We went on a trek to another beach. The trek was a new experience altogether. There was a place in our trek, from where we saw the sun going down the horizon was nothing less than a dreamland. The end of something never looked so beautiful before. I had never been to such a place before and because of all the mainstream trips I took, never did I imagine that such beauty exists in our own country. There was no crowd, no selfies, no selfie-sticks; just a few of us, good music, calm sea and of course the setting sun.  It was a different world out there; a world where you don’t need to seek for peace, but it comes to you through in waves. All you would want there is that your time never ends.

I felt so lucky to have the person by my side who takes me to such places.We used to binge on burgers and my favorite dessert “Hello to the Queen” in every cafe we went to. Life then was beyond perfect and my needs were limited to food, water and good music. I was at peace with myself and everything around me and nothing bothered me after that.  The best thing about the place is how the people over there have adapted to this hippie culture despite living in a small village and how they welcome you with an ear to ear smiles.

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*HELLO TO THE QUEEN* During my last visit to Goa while ordering food at a shack, the waiter suggested to order Hello to the Queen for dessert. People who know me also know how I keep craving for sweets 24*7. This was surely something which I never had before and I fell in love with it the moment I had my first spoon of this dessert. I couldn't find it in the menu of the restaurants I visited later on and I was quite dissaponted. Thanks to my recent trip to Gokarna where this was available in all the cafes and I was having this twice a day ATLEAST! 🙈 The one you see in the picture is of course not the best version of the dish but it certainly has the best backdrop. I tried searching about it's origin on the internet but there are no clear facts about it so I am contented with the Indian version and I am surely having this everytime I see it's name on the cards. 😁 P.S. When I had this in Goa, there they had put some amazing crumbled cookie in it and in one of the cafes of Gokarna the same cookie was replaced by Parle-G. 😁 . . . . . . #foodporn #dessert #sweettoth #chocolate #delicious #yummy #foodgram #foodie #phonephotography #teampixel #hippie #cafe #tripping #trippy #wanderlust #wanderer #gokarna #backpacker #backpacking #beachlove #beachday #instasweets #beautifuldestinations #indiantravelgram #dessertporn #foodstagram #traveldiaries #TravelStroke #vscoindia #snapseed

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The sound of waves crashing on the shore was my lullaby. We woke up early every morning to greet the rising sun. The infinite sea and sky made all my life problems look so small and after a while, I wasn’t even thinking about them. The life there was so simple yet so fulfilling! 
It’s only during that moment I realized that my happiness doesn’t depend on mighty worldly things but something as simple as watching a beautiful sunrise sitting by the sea. A good company, few good books and a beautiful place away from all the chaos are what I need in my life. But that’s not how it works. Unfortunately, we are forced to live in cities, struggle every day for our survival and be a part of the crowd which follows monotony in a pursuit of happiness.Obviously sitting by the sea in a village and watching the sea waves for hours would become monotonous in some days but that is something so soothing and I feel that is something which I can do every day without even a thought of getting bored.

Someday I wish to escape from this monotony forever and be at peace with myself and everything around me. Till then I’ll be sinking in a piece of it every time I go there so that I can close my eyes every time I feel miserable. Travel to the roads you don’t travel often; it makes your life easy! 😉

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